Course Director Sport and Public services?

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JOB TITLE: Course Director Sport and Public services 

GRADE: Course Director

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The main duties and responsibilities for a Course Director include all of those for a Main Grade Lecturer (see list below), and the following additional responsibilities/duties:

The role will contribute to the achievement of the college’s Strategic Plan:

Strategic Priority

1: A curriculum focussed on skills

Objective: ensuring our work is meeting skills demand in the economy

2: Learners’ skills and experience

Objective: ensuring our learners gain the skills employers needs

3: Our people and culture

Objective: ensuring staff achieve their full potential and deliver the best possible experience to learners and employers

4: Learning resources

Objective: high quality learning resources and accommodation, underpinned by strong financial health



The main duties and responsibilities for a Course Director include all of those for a Main Grade Lecturer (see list below), and the following additional responsibilities/duties:

  • To manage and oversee a range of courses within the learners’ programmes of study including work experience and enrichment, or apprenticeship, including collation of assignments, assessment planning, Schemes of Work, lead internal verification and lesson planning
  • To link with employers and other organisations to provide enrichment / WEX activities for the students within the department
  • Where applicable to attend enrichment / fund raising / WEX activities linked to the public services employers outside of the standard working week such as evening and weekends.
  • Attend specific public services events such as simulated exercises, residential visits and remembrance day services
  • To lead and co-ordinate the course team to ensure excellence of service to the learner and the associated curriculum and staff development activities.
  • To take ownership of raising achievement rates including raising the performance in value added, progression and destination and reporting on this within the Self Assessment Process.
  • To effectively monitor, support and progress learners to ensure learner success in all aspects of their programme of study.
  • To effectively manage resources (human and physical) to ensure the learners’ needs are fully met and their experience of learning is not compromised.
  • To supervise and manage the work of associate/main grade lecturers and support staff involved in curriculum delivery, to include performance management and personal development reviews (PDR) and ensure full understanding, accuracy and accountability and use of all data, MIS and quality systems to maximise learner success.
  • In conjunction with the Faculty Head, to lead in the development of a responsive curriculum to meet local and regional needs and departmental and college strategic priorities.
  • To interface with the Apprenticeship Department and Employers to identify new and existing markets for growth and the meet the local and regional LEP
  • To assist the Faculty Head in managing devolved budgets as required.

Main Grade Lecturer:

  • Meet and comply with the College’s strategic priorities and departmental objectives.
  • To deliver and run ‘Enrichment’ Activities alongside the main programme.
  • Produce Schemes of Work and assessment plans for a range of programmes to effectively support learners in achieving their full potential, to include:
  • Full commitment to embedding Equality and Diversity into every lesson and every programme
  • Ensuring that employability, employer engagement activities and ‘Enterprise’ (entrepreneurship) are embedded into the programmes, including ensuring that appropriate work experience is undertaken by learners (monitoring and tracking not arranging)
  • Deliver interesting and innovative learning and undertake assessment using a broad range of methods, taking full responsibility for the success of own learners, developing a personalised and holistic learning approach in all lessons. This will include developing and producing learning and assessment materials using E-Systems (VLE, Boodle, google classrooms and appropriate social media).
  • Guide/tutor learners through the learning process (action planning, reviews, progression), being accoun for target setting, action planning reviews and positive progression outcomes utilising the e-Individual Learning Plan very regularly, at least on a weekly basis.
  • Be fully accoun for the learner’s success, utilising data and the Management Information System, evaluating the quality of provision within the programme area and ensuring full compliance with all quality mechanisms and key performance indicators.
  • Ensure course/class data is provided to the Management Information System in a timely manner, including marking all registers at the start of lessons.
  • Ensure all delivery is resourced appropriately for learners.
  • Actively participate as a member of a course team and, if required, lead such a team.
  • Supervise the work of admin support and associate lecturer staff within the programme area.
  • Undertake assessment verification duties and, as required, act as Lead Verifier for a designated subject area.
  • Contribute to, and take full advantage of, curriculum and staff development activities, including those held outside of normal working hours.
  • Participate in all teaching, learning and assessment processes (especially lesson observations) and undertake necessary support/training.
  • Participate fully in the College performance management processes including recording CPD activities and maintaining objectives, ensuring they are up to date and evaluating input, including those related to lesson observation.
  • Be involved with learner recruitment via internal and external marketing and school liaison activities, including events outside normal College hours e.g. parent evenings, summer schools, off-site activities, welcome back treats, Business enterprise evening competitions, very occasional Saturdays.
  • Undertake administrative duties as requested by the College.
  • This post requires full compliance with Health & Safety, Safeguarding, Equality & Diversity and policy and procedures at all times.
  • This description is not exhaustive: it is intended to give an outline of the current duties and responsibilities. Other duties consistent with the post may be introduced through discussion with the post holder.


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