Assistant Headteacher South & City Academy

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The College has five faculties and each has a Faculty Head, Deputy Faculty Head and a number of Heads of School. The faculty management team has a strategic and operational responsibility for the management and delivery of course programmes within a group of college departments. Each faculty will work within a remit specific to their area. The remit will outline the key focus areas for each faculty and will be subject to review by the College to reflect the goals, aims and strategic objectives and priorities within FE and the College. Curriculum departments are grouped into faculties. The Head of South & City College Academy has a primary responsibility for the specific department and of individuals within a team, while the Faculty Head holds primary responsibility for the whole faculty and its targets. South & City Academy Academy offers provision at KS4 to year 10 and year 11 students who have chosen to follow a vocational pathway alongside studying for their GCSE's. The Academy was inspected by Ofsted in November 2018 and judged to be 'good'. It was particularly praised for a broad and balanced curriculum, strong and productive relationships between staff and pupils and for the progress pupils make in a safe ment.

Purpose & Key Accountabilities
To ensure that learners develop their skills and knowledge to succeed and progress into further study or employment. You will do this by:
• Ensuring that learners are on appropriate course leading to progression
• That an appropriate programme of study in relation to progress 8 is provided to all learners to meet their educational and personal needs and that learners receive realistic, achievable targets to aid progression
• Ensuring that within your team an ethos of positive behavior and encouragement in commonly enjoyed
• Ensuring that your staff understand and practice their responsibilities in regard to safeguarding
• Support the safeguarding and promotion of students' welfare
• Ensuring that teaching and learning is challenging, enjoyable and informative leading to the development of skills and is based on out learners' prior knowledge and experience; that attendance and punctuality are promoted and learners are retained and progress onto the next level of study or employment
• To raise standards of learners' attainment and achievement within the curriculum area and to monitor and support learner progress.
• Day to day management of staff within the team, taking responsibility for their deployment and development within the framework agreed by the Faculty Head

As Head of South & City Academy the appointee will be expected to:
• Manage an area of delivery within the curriculum ensuring smooth day-to-day running of provision ensuring that students receive a quality service and that staff receive guidance and day-to-day operational support.
• Be responsible for carrying out all related duties and responsibilities required as part of a teaching commitment.

Key Duties
Operational Management and Planning

• In conjunction with the Deputy Faculty Head be responsible for curriculum planning processes related to completion of CMF, timetabling, setting of course targets
• Work with the Deputy Faculty Head to support recruitment, admissions and marketing activities, ensuring a responsive and prompt service to prospective students
• Under the guidance of the Faculty management implement and deliver that plan within the division and the monitoring of recruitment, achievement and efficiency throughout the year.
• Under the guidance of the Deputy Head of Faculty, ensure the faculty vision and plans are clearly and effectively communicated to staff within the department.
• Be responsible for effective monitoring and review against targets on courses and taking remedial action as appropriate
• In conjunction with the Deputy of Faculty contribute to divisional training plans.
• Support and management of all programmes within the division.
• Operational management of programmes with the department, meeting targets agreed with the Faculty Head or Deputy Faculty Head, ensuring that all courses are delivered effectively and efficiently and that learners are appropriately supported
• Ensuring all programmes are operating within the College's quality systems, are delivered to a high standard and are providing learners with the opportunities to succeed.
• Contribute to the development and operational management of an inclusive curriculum and learning ment for learners, one in which diversity is reflected and valued and expectations of success are highAchievements and Standards
• Be responsible for the operational implementation of systems to ensure that students receive a consistent, quality service throughout the learner journey
• Be responsible for the data relating to the division on the College systems ensuring all information is accurate and timely.
• Have a responsibility for ensuring the development, delivery and monitoring of programmes in collaboration with appropriate organisations.

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