A virtual interview guide for hiring managers

A virtual interview guide for hiring managers

Over the coming days and weeks, many of us will be adapting to working remotely from home. This change will also affect how job interviews take place, so as a prospective employer it is important to be able to hold efficient and productive virtual interviews. Here are some preparation tips to assist you to find the right individual for your role.

Use the most appropriate platform for all 

Use a platform which allows a video interview will assist both you and the interviewee to interact as naturally as possible. This will give you an opportunity to assess soft skills plus allow the prospective candidate to gain an understanding of the culture of your organisation. There are obviously a host of platforms which we are all using currently – make sure you use one that allows for conference video and that your interviewee can access easily. 

Have a plan b

Despite the best preparations there may be technology issues, have the phone number of the interviewee or the recruiter to hand just in case the video connection is lost, or it does not start on time. It is inevitable amid the ongoing challenges that video interviews will become more common practice, so everyone will become more comfortable using the various technology platforms. 


Check the lighting in the room, try to avoid direct light sources or bright objects behind you as this will create a shadowy silhouette. If you can elevate your laptop to avoid staring down into the camera and position yourself at a table, against a plain, neutral background. Turn off all other apps on your laptop during the interview so the individual has all your attention and you are not distracted during the interview. Make sure to have your standard interview questions to hand as well as a copy of the individuals CV.

Remember to convey your organisation culture

It's difficult in a home setting but you need to convey a strong sense of your organisation culture via video, so be prepared to discuss in detail your  values and the day to day office culture or invite relevant colleagues to the interview to assist with this. Just ensure that you have agreed format/ roles in advance so that everyone on the interview panel is clear of the questions they are to ask or the aspects of the organisation they are to describe.   

Opportunity for questions

Important to encourage as much back and forth interaction as possible so make sure to give the candidate an opportunity to ask questions. Ensure that you take notes throughout about their answers, body language and how they communicate throughout the interview.

Reflect on the interview

Once concluded take time immediately after the interview to write down your thoughts and impressions. Also make note of any further queries you may have following the interview. Call the recruiter with feedback as soon as the interview concludes so that they either answer these questions or follow up on your behalf.

What next?

It is likely that video interviewing will continue to grow in usage over the coming months, so it is useful to get as much experience as possible which will help you establish your own style over this format. 

If you would like to speak to an expert about how to conduct virtual interviews at their very best, sell your organisation to potential candidates and attract the best talent, contact us today. 

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