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A Story of Mental Strength and Resilience

Hear a story of mental strength and resilience, from a former professional cricketer turned mindset coach.

When? 9.30am, Wednesday 5th June 2024
Where? Live, via Online Webinar

About this Webinar

Join us for an inspiring journey of mental strength & resilience with Lewis Hatchett, a former professional cricketer who defied the odds to carve out an exceptional career despite facing significant physical challenges.

Lewis was born with Poland Syndrome, a rare condition affecting only one in 100,000 births, which left him without a right pectoral muscle and two ribs. This condition posed serious obstacles for a fast-medium left-arm bowler like Lewis, causing weakness in his delivery arm and daily discomfort. Despite being advised against contact sports, Lewis's determination propelled him forward, leading him to a successful six-year tenure with Sussex County Cricket Club.

Throughout his career, Lewis battled physical limitations with unwavering mental strength. From donning a bullet-proof vest during matches to protect his vulnerable chest, to managing daily aches and pains, his resilience and determination were truly remarkable. Now, Lewis shares his incredible journey and insights as a mindset coach, MSc performance psychology student, and mindfulness and yoga coach. Through his MindStrong Sport App, Lewis empowers athletes to harness the power of their mindset, turning adversity into their greatest strength.

Don't miss this opportunity to hear from Lewis Hatchett as he shares his story of overcoming obstacles, cultivating resilience, and thriving against all odds.


Our Speakers

Lewis Hatchett

Lewis Hatchett is a former professional athlete, now a mindset coach, a MSc performance psychology student, and a mindfulness and yoga coach. Lewis played 6 years of professional cricket, against the odds, and put his success down to one thing – mindset. Combining his unique experience, education and expertise of professional sport from top to bottom, Lewis created the MindStrong Sport App to provide a tool to develop the mental game of athletes.

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Clare Keniry

Clare Keniry is a Board Director and head of Diversity & Inclusion at Morgan Hunt, working with clients to ensure that their recruitment strategies are diverse and inclusive. The recruitment process is a critical element of bringing diverse talent into an organisation and we help organisations to ensure that every step is as consciously inclusive as possible.

Within Morgan Hunt, she also leads the development of a diverse & inclusive culture. She has over 20 years’ experience working within the recruitment industry with extensive networks spanning both the private, public, and not for profit markets, having worked across the UK and Australia. Driving authentic diversity & inclusion is one of the biggest challenges facing employers and Morgan Hunt are committed to working with organisations to support the development of a truly diverse and inclusive workplace.

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