Refine Your Search
Refine Your Search

Outplacement Services


Giving quality, personalised support to departing employees, because redundancy is one of the most challenging times in people’s lives

At Morgan Hunt, we're here to help employers support their employees through the challenges of redundancy. We've partnered with a Redundancy & Outplacement Specialist to offer guidance and support during this difficult transition. Let us help you and your employees navigate this period with confidence.


Research shows that outplacement typically can half the time people take to secure new employment


What are Outplacement Services?

In today's job market, restructures and downsizing persist, forcing tough decisions upon employers.

To handle redundancies fairly, it's crucial to recognise the transformed job market where over 70% of opportunities are unadvertised.

Outplacement services help individuals find new employment opportunities and cope with the emotional impact of a job loss. They also indicate a company's commitment to its workers' well-being and value, which can boost a positive relationship with employees and improve the company's reputation.


What Outplacement Services We Can Offer

Our outplacement services are designed to help your employees find new employment opportunities quickly and efficiently. We work with your employees to identify their skills, strengths, and experience, and provide guidance on job searching, resume writing, and interviewing techniques.



Leading Through Change Workshop

This workshop helps leaders navigate change and lead their teams through adversity. We cover essential aspects of organisational change, including challenges and opportunities, stages of change, and resilience tools. We provide insights into leading effectively during times of change, identifying obstacles and turning them into opportunities for growth. 

1-2-1 Coaching

Personalised support for career transition coaching, life coaching, and leadership coaching. Our one-on-one approach ensures that we focus on your unique needs and goals, providing tailored guidance every step of the way

Executive Career Coaching

If you're a senior leader looking to navigate the executive job market and transition into a new role, we're here to help. Our one-on-one coaching approach provides tailored support every step of the way, including a profiling assessment that helps identify your strengths and leadership preferences.

Career Coaching Clinics

Provide departing employees with personalised, one-on-one support that helps them navigate their next career steps. These sessions focus on building career confidence, identifying achievements, optimising CV layouts and LinkedIn profiles, developing job search strategies, refining networking skills, and offering interview support.



Career Decisions

Focus on identifying your values, strengths, and achievements, exploring motivators, understanding transferable skills, and creating a skills-based CV. We help you gain clarity and move forward with confidence by narrowing down your options and highlighting your unique value proposition in the job market.

Managing a Successful Job Search

Cover skills for navigating change and an effective job search, including resilience, organising for a job search, CV and LinkedIn optimizstion, multi-channel job search strategies, and mindset and confidence in approaching a job search. We help you overcome challenges and build the skills needed to succeed.

Linkedin for Job Searching

Guidance on building a strong, optimised LinkedIn profile that is ranked as an "All-star" profile. We also help you use LinkedIn to find relevant roles, network effectively, and develop an overall job search strategy that goes beyond just having an optimised profile.

CV Masterclass

All aspects of CV writing, including crafting a high-impact CV, optimising it for online searches, selecting the right type of CV, and writing a CV for career or sector change. We help you create a winning CV that sets you up for success in your job search.

Networking, Recruiters and Personal Branding  

All aspects of networking, including its importance for career growth and job search strategy, overcoming potential barriers, confidently approaching networking during career transitions, virtual networking, and developing a personal brand. 


Comprehensive guidance on job interview preparation, including tips for virtual and competency-based interviews, crafting effective STAR stories, great questions to ask the interviewer, and interview follow-up strategies. 

By investing in outplacement services, you're not only supporting your employees, but also maintaining a positive relationship with them and enhancing your company's reputation.

If you are an organisation that values your employees and wants to provide exceptional support to departing employees, get in touch.