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Refer a Friend

We offer a generous referral scheme for our candidates. Recommend a friend or colleague to Morgan Hunt and receive a reward if they are successfully placed in a position. We will be happy to advise on the level of incentive, dependent on the type of candidate you are referring.

Terms & Conditions

The “Referrer” relates to the person that is providing the details of the person to be placed by us.
The “Referee” relates to the person that is being referred by “the Referrer” for a role.

The Morgan Hunt Refer a Friend scheme is limited to referrals of personal contacts ("Friend"). You must not refer any person under this scheme where you gained or developed the relationship through your employment, office, agency or any other position you may hold, or where referring the individual breaches any duty you may owe to any other organisation or person. To do so may amount to a criminal offence.

In order to qualify for Morgan Hunt’s Referral Scheme, the following terms will apply: 

  1. The Referrer must already be registered with Morgan Hunt to be eligible to utilise the referral scheme.
  2. The Referrer must have the permission of Referee to share their details before submitting them to Morgan Hunt.

    This is in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. The Referrer will indemnify Morgan Hunt for any loss or claim arising out of the Referrer’s failure to gain consent of the Referee.
  3. The Referrer warrants and confirms that the Referee agrees to Morgan Hunt's Privacy Policy which can be viewed here:
  4. Morgan Hunt must not already have received details of the Referee prior to the referral or have the Referee on their database.
  5. We can only accept referrals for people already working in the UK, or those who are eligible to work in the UK
  6. To qualify for a reward, your friend must be referred and placed within a 12 month period
  7. The responsibility remains with the Referrer to contact Morgan Hunt to claim their voucher.
  8. A Love2Shop retail voucher will be awarded to the Referrer once the Referee has been placed in either a temporary or permanent role by Morgan Hunt.

    A temporary placement must have a minimum duration of 3 months for the Referrer to be eligible to receive a reward.
  9. The value of the reward the Referrer receives is determined by the salary of the Referee as set out in Morgan Hunt's Referral Rates.  
  10. Morgan Hunt retains the right to adjust its referral rates at any time.
  11. There is no alternative reward and the reward must be redeemed before the voucher expiry date. Morgan Hunt will not issue another reward voucher if the Referrer fails to redeem their voucher before expiry. 
  12. Reward vouchers cannot be exchanged for cash. 
  13. Love2Shop is not a sponsor of this scheme.
  14. Morgan Hunt is not responsible if a voucher is lost, stolen, destroyed or used without permission.
  15. Morgan Hunt accepts no responsibility for vouchers not successfully received due to a technical fault, technical malfunction, computer hardware or software failure, satellite, network or server failure of any kind. 
  16. Eligibility for this offer is at Morgan Hunt’s discretion and our decision is final.
  17. This promotion is not open to employees of Morgan Hunt or their family members. 
  18. This scheme is effective from 28/03/2022.
  19. Morgan Hunt reserves the right to terminate the scheme at any time.
  20. You agree to refund on demand (without any time limit) any reward where you are found to be in breach of these terms