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Social Responsibility

At Morgan Hunt our social responsibility is much more than a box-ticking exercise. Our objective as a business is to empower individuals to inspire their colleagues, friends, families and communities through their work.

As a recruitment partner we aim to bring purpose to working lives and a core part of our vision is to use our privileged position to help the wider community and ensure we operate as an ethically sound and responsible organisation.

Our Social Responsibility

We believe that charity is about much more than giving money, so we have a full and varied approach to our participation and support. As well as our partnership with Hospice UK, we constantly find new ways to give back through collaborative projects with organisations such as Cancer Central, The Youth Group and Future Frontiers.

Helping our people give back

We are nationally recognised for our CSR strategy. This is in part because we support our employees' desire to give back. Not only do we contribute financially through matching employee generated donations, we regularly run fundraising activities and give every employee two days a year to undertake charitable activities. 

Morgan Hunt employees in Manchester doing the Yorkshire 3 peaks challenge to raise money for their charity partner St Ann's hopsice

Diversity & inclusion

We support our colleagues and the wider community through living our values of respect, determination, teamwork, understanding, integrity and fun.

Every day we support each other to be our authentic selves and we are proud to have created an inclusive working environment where individuals can succeed regardless of their background.

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Morgan Hunt is ISO 14001 certified for our sustainability

The Youth Group

Morgan Hunt has partnered with The Youth Group. The Youth Group is an organisation which provides youth-first solutions, products, and services. These services aim to create action, jobs and impact young people in a positive way. As a recruitment partner we are a strong supporter of engaging younger generations and preparing them for the world of work, so we have pledged our time and resources to support the group's initiatives.

Morgan Hunt is ISO 14001 certified for our sustainability


We have a dedicated ‘Green Team’ whose sole mission is to ensure our company operates a truly environmentally sustainable business strategy. We’re committed to continually providing our clients and candidates with high quality products and services in a way that enhances the environment.

Our sustainable initiatives include:

  • Bike to work scheme
  • Ethical printing
  • Recycling scheme
  • CO2 emission method
  • Waste management
  • Vehicle replacement policy
  • Equipment audits

We publicly report on our environmental performance and are ISO 14001 accredited for our strategy.


Morgan Hunt is Cyber Essentials certified

Cyber Security

As a company, we joined the Cyber Essentials scheme to demonstrate our commitment to the protection of our customers' sensitive information. In today's digital landscape, cyber threats are becoming more sophisticated and prevalent, and it is essential that we take all necessary steps to safeguard the data we handle. Our certification underlines our dedication to the security and privacy of our customers, and helps us stay ahead of the curve in terms of cyber security best practices. 

Disability Confident Employer

At Morgan Hunt, we take pride in fostering an inclusive workplace that embraces the diverse talents of all our team members. That's why we are thrilled to announce our Level 2 Disability Confident Employer Certification. This certification is a reflection of our unwavering dedication to promoting inclusivity and ensuring that every team member, regardless of their physical or mental abilities, feels valued and supported.