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Morgan Hunt selected as a supplier for St John's Ambulance

29 August 2023

We are thrilled to announce that St. John Ambulance has gone live on our framework as of August 2023. This exciting collaboration between St. John Ambulance and Morgan Hunt, a prominent public sector recruitment agency, marks a significant step forward in our commitment to delivering exceptional staffing solutions.

With several lots currently in progress, we are proud to share that we're working on on several key lots, each playing a pivotal role in ensuring the organisation's continued success:

  1. Legal: Our partnership encompasses legal professionals, catering to the diverse legal needs of St. John Ambulance, providing them with expertise across various legal areas.

  2. Governance: Morgan Hunt is dedicated to supporting St. John Ambulance in the governance realm, ensuring that the organisation maintains high standards in its operations.

  3. Quality and Safety: We are committed to assisting St. John Ambulance in maintaining the utmost standards of quality and safety, thereby reinforcing the organisation's mission and values.

  4. HR: Our comprehensive HR services will be instrumental in ensuring that St. John Ambulance has access to top-quality candidates for their human resources needs.

  5. Comms: The realm of communications is vital for St. John Ambulance, and we are here to provide the necessary talent to bolster their communication efforts.

  6. Fundraising: Our collaboration extends to fundraising professionals who will play a crucial role in helping St. John Ambulance achieve its financial goals.

  7. Sales and Marketing: Morgan Hunt is proud to support St. John Ambulance in its sales and marketing efforts, providing access to qualified candidates in these areas.

This partnership extends across multiple types of roles, including temporary, permanent, and contract positions. With a potential for 140 permanent vacancies each year through this framework, as well as numerous temporary staffing needs, we are dedicated to assisting St. John Ambulance in meeting their staffing objectives effectively.

Furthermore, we are pleased to be part of a select group of agencies partnering with St. John Ambulance. This network of agencies reinforces our nationwide presence and exemplifies our commitment to excellence in staffing solutions.

As we embark on this journey, we are heartened by the shared values and purpose that unite Morgan Hunt and St. John Ambulance. In the words of our Senior Manager, Amy Barlow, "St. John Ambulance reflects the values and purpose that we seek to achieve at Morgan Hunt, and we are hugely excited to be partnering with them over the next 3 years." This partnership promises to bring both organisations closer to their respective goals and missions, delivering the best staffing solutions and services to St. John Ambulance.


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