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The Benefits of Working in Tech in the Public Sector

16 October 2023 Candidate Blogs

The public sector plays a vital role in society. It provides essential services and infrastructure that impact our lives daily. To deliver these services, public organisations are turning more and more to technology. This has created a growing demand for tech professionals in the public sector. Public sector technology jobs are in high demand in the UK, as the government invests in digital transformation and innovation.

Tech jobs in this sector involve using technology to provide public services, such as health, education, security, and education. And for those working in the sector, it provides a unique and rewarding career path.


Benefits of public-sector tech jobs
There are a whole host of IT jobs within the sector, from Public sector developer jobs, and cyber security roles to data analyst jobs and business analyst jobs. Whatever the role, there are a host of benefits that are unique to the sector, too.

Salaries, benefits, and annual leave
Salaries for tech roles within the public sector are competitive. According to a report by Tech Nation, the median salary for public sector tech workers in the UK was £47,000 in 2022, compared to £45,000 for private sector tech workers. Although private sector positions sometimes boast higher initial salaries, public sector IT jobs make up for it with more comprehensive benefits, such as good pension plans, generous paid time off, and a healthy work-life balance. Over time, these benefits add up to a strong compensation package.

Those working outside of the public sector are not aware of the generous annual leave entitlement that is often applicable to the roles. Although this is dependent on the type of role, you may have around 30 days of holiday per year, plus bank holidays. This is higher than the basic 20-to-25-day standard allowance in the private sector.

Job Stability and Security
The public sector tends to be less influenced by economic uncertainty. This means that tech professionals in the public sector can enjoy a stable work environment and have a lower risk of redundancy. Public sector recruitment remains strong. According to the Office for National Statistics (ONS), there were an estimated 5.87 million employees in the public sector in June 2023, which is 133,000 (2.3%) more than in June 2022.

Making a Meaningful Impact
Working in the public sector means playing a vital role in people's lives. Working in tech, you’ll be helping to provide essential services and infrastructure through technology. Public sector tech professionals work on projects that impact the wellbeing of their communities and society. Whether it's improving healthcare systems, optimising transportation networks, or enhancing public safety, the sense of purpose that comes with public sector work is rewarding.

Diversity and inclusion
The Public sector is committed to diverse and inclusive workplaces. They promote equal employment opportunities in their job advertisements. And they create environments that welcome individuals from all backgrounds. The sector brings together people from different backgrounds, ages, and cultures. This commitment to diversity makes these tech jobs more inclusive and supportive. This dynamic and inclusive atmosphere enables you to enhance your soft skills and broaden your perspectives.

Public sector tech workers have more flexibility in choosing their work hours and locations than private-sector tech workers. Many organisations within the public sector offer options such as part-time work, job sharing, compressed hours, and remote work.

Public sector tech jobs often emphasise work-life balance, making them an attractive option for those seeking a fulfilling career without sacrificing their personal lives. Many public organisations offer flexible work arrangements, hybrid working options, and family-friendly policies, enabling employees to maintain a healthy work-life balance. With part-time, full-time, remote tech jobs, and flexible contract options, you can find a role that suits your circumstances while still making an impact in the field of tech.

London used to be the biggest technology hub in the UK, with a large concentration of technology workers and businesses residing in the city, but the concentration of tech employment in the UK has spread since the COVID-19 pandemic introduced more flexibility into working life.

Job Satisfaction
Job satisfaction is a common sentiment among tech professionals in the public sector. Knowing that their work contributes to the greater good and impacts their communities can be fulfilling. The sense of purpose that comes with public sector tech jobs often leads to higher job satisfaction levels.

Learning and development
The Public sector prioritises employee development and growth. There are often opportunities for training and development to help tech professionals stay up-to-date with the latest technologies and best practices. Additionally, public sector tech jobs offer a diverse range of projects. This enables employees to gain work experience in different areas.


Find out more about IT roles in the Public sector
Public sector tech jobs offer benefits that make them an attractive career choice. From job stability and flexibility to meaningful work and professional development, tech professionals in the public sector enjoy a diverse and rewarding career. If you're looking for a fulfilling and secure career in IT, consider exploring the opportunities that are available.


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