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Lecturer jobs in London

Are you passionate about education and keen to make a lasting impact on young lives? Look no further!

Morgan Hunt is one of the largest recruiters of lecturers in London and the South East. 

Discover a world of possibilities with lecturer jobs in London. Whether you're interested in part-time opportunities, or a full-time teaching position we have the perfect position waiting for you.  Every year, we place hundreds of education professionals in lecturer jobs in London. These include college lecturer jobs and university lecturer jobs in a variety of subject areas. 

Discover exciting lecturers job in London

Lecturer vacancies we recruit for include: 

  • Business Lecturers
  • Maths Lecturers
  • Science Lecturers
  • Computing Lecturers & IT Lecturers
  • ESOL Lecturers
  • Plumbing Lecturers
  • Brickwork Lecturers
  • Joinery Lecturers
  • Carpentry Lecturers
  • Motor Vehicle Lecturers
  • Multi-skills Lecturers

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College Lecturer jobs in London
Vocational education is becoming more important in the UK. The demand for skills-based knowledge, technical skills, and employability skills among employers has increased. More young people are seeing the benefits of studying subjects such as technology.

There is a skills shortage for FE jobs in the UK. This is coupled with the fact that many skilled trades and professions believe that specialist teaching qualifications and degrees in education are needed to teach in further education (FE).

Further education jobs in London and beyond do not always need teaching experience or certain academic qualifications. Courses such as bricklaying, engineering, mechanics, hairdressing, and plumbing need experienced, skilled workers to teach the next generation.

University Lecturer jobs in London
Take your career to new heights in higher education. Inspire the next generation of leaders and thinkers at the heart of academic excellence. University lecturers have a different approach to teaching and can discuss ideas and theories with students rather than teaching them.

The rewards of teaching in higher education (HE) are plenty, and there is an opportunity for creativity and innovation. Working as a university lecturer in London is flexible. The structure of a typical working week often enables lecturers to balance work and home life.

Part-Time Lecturer jobs in London
Whether working as a college lecturer or a university lecturer, part-time options are often available. Balance your professional and personal work life with a flexible schedule while enjoying the best of both worlds.

Why choose lecturer jobs in London?

London, a vibrant hub of culture, diversity, and innovation, is the ideal location for your teaching journey. As a lecturer, you'll be at the forefront of shaping the minds of tomorrow, all while enjoying the dynamic atmosphere London has to offer.

Search and apply for the latest lecturing jobs in London and the South East today.