Amara Howe

PositionSenior ConsultantSectorSocial Care - Mental HealthHow long you been here3 years and 8 months Tell us about your career progression to dateI started my career in recruitment in 2019 as a Consultant. In 2020 Covid hit and I was on furlough for almost a year. As of April this year, I am now a Senior Consultant  and am working towards becoming a Business Manager.  What made you join Morgan Hunt?I was originally registered as a candidate who was lost after graduating in Journalism. A recruiter from Morgan Hunt service called me and I went in to meet with them to discuss my career journey. After speaking with them, I was so impressed by their level of customer service. Having worked in the marketing and journalism industry, I knew I had the skills to become a recruiter. I asked if there were any jobs opening and I was interviewed on the day I registered. I knew I wanted to change the perception of recruitment and I joined Morgan Hunt for this very reason. What do you enjoy most about your desk/sector?I wouldn’t work for any other sector other than the Social Care sector. With lived experience of poor mental health, I have always been passionate about the sector and what services can do to help those struggling. I am proud to say I can help mental health charities recruit and find passionate members of staff. It is an incredibly rewarding position and it’s a fantastic thing to not only get people roles, but get people roles in services that really matter. What is it like working for Morgan Hunt?Morgan Hunt is a great organisation who allows you to be yourself. Recruitment is what you make of it and you have to put the effort in to build your own business. This gives me a sense of responsibility and accomplishment. We work hard but we also know that looking after our mental health is important. We provide fantastic customer service and we are specialists in our sector. Why would you recommend us to a potential candidate?Morgan Hunt gets to know all of their candidates. All recruiters call and have a conversation with you to get to know you. We don’t judge your CV, we get to know your personality, what you’re capable of and where you see your future. We are there to provide advice and support, it’s not all about the job, it’s about you.  Why would you recommend us to a potential client?We are specialists in our markets. We chose the sectors that suited us and our personalities. We are passionate about providing great customer service and we are honest. We have been going for over two decades and have built a fantastic rapport with clients. We are the go-to for many roles due to our commitment and resilience to getting the job filled.

Sam Vorley

PositionTeam ManagerSectorPrivate Sector Finance How long you been here5 years 3 months  Tell us about your career progression to date. I started as a consultant with no experience in July 2017. I was quickly trained and adapted to life as a recruitment consultant. I was promoted to Team Manager in 2018 when I began to head up our Private Sector Finance offering.  What made you join Morgan Hunt? I was previously working within a role in which both professional and financial development was long winded and therefore made the switch to recruitment to have control over my career, professional development and earning potential. What do you enjoy most about your desk/sector? I enjoy the fast pace and lucrativeness of the legal finance market. I also love working with a diverse portfolio of candidates and clients on a daily basis.  What is it like working for Morgan Hunt? Fab, I have made many lifelong friends throughout my time at Morgan Hunt. It is hugely important and rewarding to feel as though I am being listened to on feedback and improvements and Morgan Hunt is absolutely amazing at doing this. The culture is second to none and there is a real feeling of everyone wanting to achieve the most out of their careers and pulling in the same direction without any maliciousness or over competitiveness.  Why would you recommend us to a potential candidate? We are complete specialists at what we do and truly care about your job search and helping you to achieve your professional aspirations (no matter how large or small). We have mastered the art of the candidate experience and go above and beyond to listen and act upon your needs and motivations for what we consider a monumental life event which is changing jobs.  Why would you recommend us to a potential client? We offer an honest and consultative service and have many years combined experience to solve any recruitment need. We aim to provide the highest quality in terms of both active and passive talent and always strive to provide a 10/10 service no matter how big or small the size of the organisation or job is.

Halisha Parmar

PositionSenior Recruitment ConsultantSectorITHow long you been hereMarch 2020 - 2 years and 6 months Tell us about your career progression to date. When I first came into Morgan Hunt I joined the Corporate Services Team, under the Public Affairs and Policy division. However, the pandemic hit - I was in the office for my first two days, then we were all working remotely. At that moment in time, lobbying had paused. As you can imagine this caused the Job Market in this sector to change drastically overnight. However, I was resilient and used my time to mainly focus on my existing network and Business Development etc. Closer to November 2020, I was on furlough, this was a great time to reflect on my future career prospects at Morgan Hunt and have a little break. I was then delighted to join Clare’s team in the IT Division in January 2021! Since then I have not looked back!  What made you join Recruitment/ Morgan Hunt? Since I graduated from University, I had always wanted to work in recruitment. I found it attractive due to the progression and career development opportunities. Also, the fact that I would be able to help candidates find their dream jobs. But in 2011, the recruitment industry was very different, with group interviews etc it was overwhelming. The very corporate organisations had very strict procedures etc. This was off putting. Also it usually would have been the person that shouted the loudest in a group interview who would be hired in my opinion! I joined Morgan Hunt by meeting the Corporate Services team as a candidate first. During that meeting, they highly valued my varied experience and suggested that I have an interview for working within Morgan Hunt itself! I couldn't say no due to the rare opportunity. The interview process was straightforward, and I was delighted to be hired directly by the line Manager and Director.  What do you enjoy most about your desk/sector?I love working in the IT Division because I have a great team to work with, I am also privileged to have a Board Director as my manager, which has really helped my career development in Recruitment. IT is such an exciting sector to work in, due to the strong need for Tech Talent, now more than ever before. I like this fast – paced sector and the knowledge it brings. I also like the fact that most of our clients are in the charity or public sector. You know that you are making a difference every day to both clients and candidates!  What is it like working for Morgan Hunt? It is great working for Morgan Hunt, because the company culture and the people make the difference. The work atmosphere is very positive and friendly.You really feel part of the Morgan Hunt family when you join here! I like volunteering outside of work, so it is nice that I am able to dedicate some days for that. I like the fact that it is not too corporate. For me, it almost feels like you are between working for a charity and a private sector - I can come to work in jeans! The people and ethos really make a positive difference. It is such a caring organisation and each person is recognised for their individual talent and contribution. Why would you recommend us to a potential internal Candidate? Company culture, friendly people, career progression opportunities and the ideal hybrid work set-up. There is a great social aspect to the role too, the office is well located in the City. People are very friendly and we all work as a Team to make the difference here.

Alfie Robinson

PositionTeam ManagerSectorLegal, Governance & Investigations How long you been here4 years 6 months  Tell us about your career progression to dateI joined Morgan Hunt in July 2018 as a Consultant, and have continued to develop, progress and learn every day since then. After just over 1 year, I was promoted to Senior Consultant and then to Business Manager in April 2021.1 year later I was promoted to Team Manager, and have since been managing the Policy, Legal & Strategy Team here at Morgan Hunt! What made you join Morgan Hunt?I joined Morgan Hunt after interviewing with numerous other agencies, and I really bought in to the culture and honesty of the company and my colleagues. Morgan Hunt stood out to me as they managed my expectations and I aligned with the company values.  What do you enjoy most about your desk/sector?I enjoy the challenges and rewards my role brings – from developing a team that I enjoy working with everyday and seeing my colleagues progress, to using my problem solving skills and determination to appoint into difficult and unique vacancies. Working in partnership with my clients and my candidates, I feel a “buzz” and true sense of worth in finding solutions and appointing my candidates into their dream roles. What is it like working for Morgan Hunt?I absolutely love working for Morgan Hunt, and my role here has introduced me to lifelong friends. I feel truly valued by my colleagues and business as a whole – I am always encouraged to develop and be my best, and I am supported whenever I need it. I feel like I have the scope and am encouraged to discuss any ideas or changes, and that I am listed to. Of course there are challenges, but I don’t think I would enjoy my job without them. Why would you recommend us to a potential candidate?Myself and my colleagues display the company values in everything we do, and most importantly work with integrity. We are specialists and experts at what we do, and it is in our best interested to find the best solutions and opportunities for our candidates. We will always offer advice, regardless of whether we can directly recruit a candidate or not.  Why would you recommend us to a potential client?Morgan Hunt is a well-known and reputable agency, who truly aim to inspire working lives. With our knowledge of the market and by understanding our clients requirements, values and culture - we work in partnership with our clients to ensure we deliver an outstanding consultancy-based service.