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Welcome to our candidates’ section. Dive into the latest job openings, info on the professions we recruit for – plus articles and guides to empower your job search and career.

Our recruitment approach is simple – it’s all about you. Do you have years of experience under your belt? Exploring the professional landscape for the first time? Our job is to provide guidance that fits your life and to scout out that dream job.

We work with hundreds of companies, large and small, across all kinds of fields. We’ll find you somewhere you’ll grow and flourish, whatever your professional aspirations may be.

Discover your next career move with us now.



Black Leadership Job Board

Morgan Hunt and the Black Leadership Group are committed to inclusive and anti-racist recruitment and supporting black leaders in progressing in their chosen career. We have jointly developed this job board as a collaborative effort – our aim is to ensure that more ethnically diverse individuals are aware of leadership opportunities available to them and to assist employers in promoting their opportunities to talented black professionals.

If you're a skilled black professional looking for new ways to progress your career, this is the platform for you.



Your career in the public sector

Want a career that lets you leave a mark? We bring people like you to roles where you shine. Perhaps you’re keen to get involved in London’s buzzing public scene or eyeing opportunities across the UK. Whatever the case, we connect talented individuals like you with an assortment of jobs in the public sector.


London’s calling – your public sector career awaits

Feel the pulse of London’s public sector and grow your career in a city that’s as dynamic as it is demanding. Uncover public sector jobs in London where, each day, you’re part of the city’s heartbeat – you get the chance to contribute to a community that never sleeps.
Beyond the capital: UK public sector jobs

Don’t let geography restrict your career daydreams. We have public sector jobs dotted far and wide across the UK, in fields as varied as your hobbies. Wherever you’re based, there’s a role that works with your goals and skillsets.
Building a career in the public sector

A career in the public sector goes beyond the everyday job. It’s a commitment to public service, an opportunity to play a central role in the heart of the community. We’re here to guide you through every step of your career journey, from finding your first public sector role to progressing to leadership positions



Explore career opportunities in the public sector

Your talents are sought after across all fields of the public sector. Here are just some of the roles we recruit for:

  • Social worker
  • Policy Analyst
  • Public School Teacher
  • Police Officer
  • Civil Engineer
  • Transportation Planner
  • Government Auditor
  • Legislative Assistant
  • Public Affairs Specialist
  • Immigration Officer
  • Urban Planner

Let us help you make your mark in the public sector

Each of these roles opens up a pathway so you can make an impact. So, where do you see yourself? Which path will you take to make a difference? Let’s find out together.


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