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Refine Your Search

Pentagon Talent Launches

27 February 2023

Today’s job market is fast-paced and competitive. At the start of the year, labour markets in the UK were at a turning point. Vacancies reached the highest number since records began. We saw a 50% increase in roles, and we expect this to grow. The Great Resignation also created a new cohort of workers, putting their career needs first, and hybrid working became the mainstay.

So it seems like the right time to rebrand and reintroduce a professional services recruitment firm specialising in legal and accounting practices. One where every candidate and client receives a tailored service and where a dedicated team keeps all stakeholders in the loop at every step in the process.

Introducing Pentagon Talent 

“The demand for talent has grown exponentially over the past 5 years and as a result our clients and candidates expect and demand a recruitment partner with true expertise in their sector. Pentagon talent has built this expertise over the past 8 years, and it is right we launch a brand that reflects the knowledge and expertise we are proud to possess.”

Rob Fry, Board Director

“The way I see it, recruitment is like shopping. You wouldn’t go to a garden centre for your weekly groceries, and that’s exactly why we have created Pentagon Talent. It is a way for both our clients and candidates to feel more comfortable with the brand that is representing them.”

Sam Vorley, Team Manager

With a distinguished professional services brand, the Pentagon Talent team are able to establish themselves as the market leader in the legal and accountancy practice market. This is away from us, Morgan Hunt, a well-known public-sector specialist agency. Which is who Pentagon Talent inherit their values and our experience from.


We are re-engineering recruitment

Pentagon Talent isn’t your average recruitment agency. They originated from a Public Sector focused organisation where providing an ethical , cost effective and transparent recruitment service is paramount. With a strong connection to the public sector, where moral and ethical values are high, they adopt these in private sector recruitment. They care about the success of their clients and candidates and understand that every candidate is unique, and every client is different. Find out more about their mission and values on their webpage here:


Benefits for our clients

Pentagon Talent is able to attract and retain new and existing sought-after talent in the market. Not only do they have access to talented passive and active candidates in the sectors, with Pentagon Talent:

  • You will receive optimum service no matter the complexity or challenge of filling a vacancy.
  • You’ll benefit from a "one-stop-shop" which enables a seamless recruitment process when hiring.
  • They are only working across two sectors. This ensures our knowledge and relationships within the market are established and we focus on delivery. 


Benefits for our candidates

Similar to the benefits of clients, you’ll receive a personalised and understanding approach to finding your next role.

  • Pentagon Talent is associated with many of the top legal and accountancy practice clients. 
  • You’ll have exclusive access to some of the most desirable and career-changing opportunities within the market.
  • The team understand this isn’t your ‘next job’ unlike many agencies but a career which also impacts on your home life. They’ll help you find an employer aligned to both your career aspirations and values. 


A safe-pair of hands

Specialising in legal and accounting practices, they have a reliable team who are experienced in modern recruitment challenges. They will guide and support organisations and individuals through the recruitment process.


Where to find us 

Pentagon Talent is in London, and we also have offices in Manchester, Birmingham, Milton Keynes, and Glasgow. To find out more about recruiting or finding a role, contact our team today at [email protected]


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