Morgan Hunt unveils its new brand and job search website

23 Sep 2020 News
Morgan Hunt unveils its new brand and job search website

Today Morgan Hunt unveils its new branding and website. The new brand replaces a visual identity that has been the face of the company for over 15 years. The new brand reflects who we are as a business, the people within it and how we work today.

Our new website brings with it a fresh, easy-to-use interface and new features, which gives candidates the tools to find the right job and for clients to find out about the full suite of solutions that Morgan Hunt offer.

Why the change?

A lot has changed over the last 15 years, that rate of change has particularly intensified over the last 7 months. The modern and inclusive imagery reflects Morgan Hunt’s standing within its markets. It positions the business as the recruitment partner supporting jobseekers that look for a sense of purpose in the work they do. We connect them with organisations that can give them purpose and help them realise their potential, in an environment that reflects their values and allows them to make a difference.

The website augments this message, enabling us to share our story and our services in an engaging way. The site is modern and bright, but most importantly it provides important information to job seekers and employers, as well as a powerful job search function to help our customers find the most relevant and suitable job vacancies for them.

Having a person’s profession as the main search category supports our belief that many skills within the public, private and not for profit sectors are transferable. We trust this will encourage people to explore opportunities that they might not normally consider, whilst making it easy for jobseekers to find the jobs they are familiar with.

What does our new brand mean?

The rebrand brings with it a huge visual change. This includes a new logo, colour scheme and visual language.

Our new logo acknowledges our heritage in its design as it is a modernised take on our previous mark.  The upward pointing lines represent how we have changed, but the familiar square element symbolises that the family values that the organisation was built upon are still present. The outer lines create an arrow but can also be interpreted as ripples. These signify a strive towards progress, innovation and creating positive change for our clients, customers and the wider community.

Our Mission Statement: 
Inspiring working lives through purpose and opportunity

The change goes much further than just the visuals. We truly believe that when we place someone in a job where they add value and have purpose, their role is more fulfilling. The needs of our candidates and clients are the most important thing to us and we aim to provide both with solutions that inspire them and enable them to inspire others around them too. We are proud to help organisations find the talent they need to grow and make a difference. And we are privileged to help talented individuals make a difference and build meaningful careers.

Managing Director, Dan Taylor commented,
“Our new brand authentically communicates the business we are today. It is bright and bold and reflects the passion that our people have for making a positive difference in their work, in supplying organisations with expert staff to help them achieve their goals”.

If you’d like to find out more how we can support you as a jobseeker looking for your next role, or as an organisation seeking the right talent, please email us at [email protected].

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