Refine Your Search
Refine Your Search

Don't panic, if you're an accountant

01 December 2017 Candidate Blogs

Never has Corporal Jones catchphrase been more relevant.

In the past 12 months, the ramifications of both domestic and international politics have created a tsunami of uncertainty, anger, fear and division.

Is there any wonder why? We have been hit with a barrage of headlines about the dire predictions for the UK economy including;

“Pretty grim reading” 
“Two decades of lost earnings growth”
“Declining living standards”
“The endless living squeeze”

Throwing in the mix about Brexit threatening to move your jobs to mainland Europe, the rise of Artificial Intelligence, plastic pollution and the all the other horror stories. The idea of hiding under the bed with Moz, the John Lewis monster seems most appealing.
However, there are grounds for optimism especially if you are fledgling accounts trainee, newly qualified or an established and seasoned accountant.

Singularly the biggest issue facing Professional Service clients who are recruiting is not the competition.  It is not unrealistic salary demands but it is the ongoing skills shortage amongst candidates particularly around Audit / Assurance / Tax / Advisory / Risk and Insolvency.

Demand for accounting staff has remained consistent throughout the year and will continue into 2018. We do not hear from our clients about the imminent collapse of the UK economy.  Far from it.  The expectation is a push on hiring next year.

The question to ask job seekers should be, what are you doing to make your profile stand out? what skills do you need to develop? where can you focus your efforts to secure your next role?  How are you approaching your job search?

For those employers out there, the message from the UK working population is very clear.  The drip feed for improved flexibility and work life balance driven by the millennials is now matched by all generation types.

It is by far the biggest motivator for job change.  Money, reward and career development is following closely behind. The thinking is; if purchasing a house is a distant dream and materialism and the requirement for “things” less important, life experiences and time to enjoy them is the compensation.

A business with innovative ideas, working flexibly with clear objectives whilst operating as an achievement focused meritocracy is an easy and compelling sell.

So, accepting change, embracing it and leading change for candidates and clients alike is the optimistic message as Christmas and a New Year approaches.  Time for calm and hold of nerves, panic is no use to anyone.


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