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Refine Your Search

Want to work in the charity sector?

28 July 2017 Candidate Blogs

Are you a champion of causes and want a career that gives as good as it gets?If you’re the person getting behind the latest cause, have a way with words and the ability never to take no for an answer then working for a charity could be the perfect career for you. Paid charity work can cover nearly every career option from marketing and public relations to policy and hr, and comes with a healthy dose of job satisfaction. Not sure where to start? We’ve got you covered.


What they do
Feverishly generate cash to ensure the smooth operation of the charity’s work. A hands on role where you can be expected to recruit individuals, groups and organisations to the cause through planned sales activities.

What you need
Excellent communication and social skills are an absolute essential. If going out and meeting new people is not your thing then this might not be the job for you. Being able to talk to anyone from celebrities at a party to the head of a company is crucial to success, not to mention being a team player. Unbridled creativity and tenacity are all factors of a successful fundraiser.

Earning potential
Initial salary may start at around £20,000 or so for fundraisers just starting out, rising to well over £30,000 for management positions.  

Perfect for
People who want to forge a career in the charity sector.


What they do
Support the charity in improving visibility of the cause & brand building, usually includes public relations, copywriting, event organisation, campaign management and a range of other tasks.

What you need
As with most marketing roles, creativity is key. Drive, ingenuity and the ability to work well under pressure are all definite strengths when looking to work in marketing.

Earning potential
Depending on experience you can usually look to earn between £20 -£25,000 and upwards.

Perfect for
People who appreciate good advertising campaigns.


What they do
Plan organise and promote a range of events, from bake sales through to fashion shows and more. If you’re the life and soul of the party then working in events is the job for you.

What you need
You’ll be representing and reflecting your charity at all times, so the ability to maintain effective relationships with donors as well as excellent planning & organisational skills are absolutely essential. There are no specific qualifications needed to become an Event Manager but experience throwing parties helps.

Earning potential
Starting salary can be around £18,000 rising to above £20,000 with additional experience.

Perfect for
People who love putting on a show.

Top tips

Visualise the job you want 
The first step is the hardest step. Set your goals. If the end goal is a stretch too far at this point, break it down into realistic and achievable steps.

Know your abilities 
Be honest about your strengths and weaknesses, brutally honest, know where you are in relation to your goal, but don’t let this put you off. You’re on a journey and that journey may take you onto some ‘B’ roads before you hit the highway.

Get hands on 
Experience can be vital to break into the charity sector. If you’re just starting out, work experience and internships are both great ways to begin your journey. Entry level positions are also achievable with some transposable skills.

Talk to someone who is where you want to be 
Find someone doing what you want to do. Now that you have a role model ask yourself what is it about them that has made them successful. Maybe sit and have a coffee with them and talk about their career journey. Find out their secrets-of-success. You will find that people are often more than happy to talk about themselves and offer this key information quite freely.

Connect with others
Build connections with people who can help you. Join communities and professional networks – these may be specific functional groups or skill specific associations. Build a LinkedIn profile. Be relevant to their conversations and be prepared to hold your own opinions. It’s important to share your passion but stay on piste and develop an antenna to tamper down when necessary.

Brush-up on your knowledge 
Keep abreast of your profession, read sector related magazines and journals attend events and talk to people in commerce to get a fresh and up-to-date perspective.

Passion and ambition is infectious. Your drive and energy will elevate you to stand out in the crowd. Be generous with your ideas and treat others how you wish to be treated yourself.


The Morgan Hunt  fundraising team has extensive experience in connecting great candidates with exciting vacancies for charities, not-for-profit, education and arts and heritage organisations. Contact us by calling the team on 0207 419 8900 to find out more.


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