Webinar: Youth Mental Health during Covid-19 - How to support under 25s

14 Oct 2020 Events & Webinars
Webinar: Youth Mental Health during Covid-19 - How to support under 25s

Children and young people across the UK have had their lives turned upside down by the coronavirus pandemic. Almost every young person has had to adjust to dramatic changes in their education or employment, routine and home life. So it's important that as individuals and organisations we understand those challenges. And even more so important that we know how to support young people through them. 

On October 13th Morgan Hunt hosted the webinar 'Youth Mental Health during Covid-19: How to support under 25s', helping to increase awareness of this issue and provide a learning opportunity for attendees. The online session was hosted by Clare Keniry, Technology Recruitment Director at Morgan Hunt. We were joined by guest speakers David Beeney and Jack Parsons. 

David Beeney

David is the Founder of Breaking the Silence. He has established himself as one of leading advisers in the UK on how to drive employee engagement through an effective wellbeing programme.

In 2018, David was proud to have been listed in the top 101 influencers globally on employee engagement, he is also a qualified Mental Health Counsellor affiliated to the BACP (British Association of Counsellors and Practitioners) and a Trustee for mind.

He specialises in creating cultures of trust that are free from the stigma of mental health that are all inclusive.

Jack Parsons

Jack Parsons is an award-winning young entrepreneur, public speaker and subject expert on Youth and is publicly known as the UK’s Chief Youth Officer.

Jack has been honoured awards over the last 3 years including Young Digital Leader Of The Year, The 100 Faces of a Vibrant Economy, Most Connected Young Entrepreneur, 50 Top kindest leaders and Top 10 UK Young Entrepreneurs to Watch.

Jack's personal mission is to knock down doors for others to walk through after having a tough upbringing and lack of career support from the school, learning from failure and being motivated to make a real impact for young people.

Jack is currently the CEO of The Youth Group which is building the world’s largest most connected marketplace and community for young people with one aim: to help improve the odds for young people across the Commonwealth to achieve their full potential in work.

In addition to running The Youth Group Jack advises a number of organisations and figure heads on young people, including governments.

Key Learnings

  • Young people are just as concerned about their futures as they are about their current situation

  • Individuals and organisations need to lead the way in normalising and encouraging conversations around mental health

  • Cultures need to be created where young people feel comfortable being themselves

  • Look for any change of behaviour in young people you know as this might signify that they're struggling with their mental health

  • To initiate a conversation, ask genuinley how they are doing. Asking how someone is feeling out of 10 makes it easier for the person to give a clear idea of how they are.

  • Sharing your own struggles and vulnerabilities gives others permission and comfort to share theirs

  • Plan to have others with specific expertise around when a conversation about somone's mental health becomes more serious. Saying the wrong thing in this situation could be dangerous

You can watch a recording of the full webinar below.

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